Tuesday, May 17, 2005

mama i love u..

for the one who i always think about all the time, appreciate,love,idol n everything that i can't mention in here..but what can i say is..thank ALLAH bcoz u gave me the best present ever..my mother..my sweet mother. mama,i will be there for u whatever situation it takes..u are my sun and i always be u'r 'plant'.i know that u are always hiding the sadness from u'r heart..but i know from u'r eyes it tells everything.just let the tears go..and i will be the one who stop it..mama, i'm so sorry if u'r sadness came from me..mama,i'm sorry if i hurt u'r feeling..mama,i'm sorry if i dont reliaze u'r sadness..mama...i'm sorryy..but mama, i promise..i will change u'r sadness to happiness...i will let u'r tears drops..but only for u'r happiness..i will take care of you till my breath gone..i will mama..i will..this is my promise to u..i love u mama..thanks coz u be a great mama..u are my idol...love u so much..happy mother's day mama....- u'r daughter

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